We got our first snow of the season yesterday though there wasn’t much of it to go around. Maybe two inches but the wind did whip up a few small piles along the road out in the countryside. I’m hoping against hope for a real winter this year. Lots of snow, very cold, you know the drill. I like winter and the warming changes noted just over just the course of my lifetime is much scarier to me than the occasional four-foot drift of snow or sub-zero drive to work.

More than a month has passed since I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts and I didn’t even notice. There’s been no withdrawal like I experienced that time I tried to give up coffee. It’s been painless and now I wish I had never signed up for those services to begin with.

Patreon changed its terms of service in order to wring a little more juice out of those who support creators using their service. I immediately parted with the few creators I had been supporting and am willing to guess this will eventually upset the entire apple cart. Jason, NT7S whose development efforts had been supported by the service had much more to say about it that’s worth reading.