With two more inches of snow on the way and temperatures falling, it seems we might just see a White Christmas after all. I finished most of my shopping yesterday and have just one item left to pick up today.

Cutting it close but where’s the fun in being done a month early?

Latest update from FlexRadio

I received this update yesterday on the status of my pre-ordered Flex-6400. I’m anxious to receive the new hardware but I’m much more interested in having working equipment and so have no complaints to hear the continuous improvement on this generation of radio is driving out bugs.

We began the first shipments to our field test team on December 16th as planned and are already receiving good feedback from on air operation. Additional shipments to our test team continued throughout this week.

There will be a single SmartSDR™ release that supports all FLEX-6000™ Series radios. This means that we have merged the software for the four new models into the software that supports all of the earlier models. As expected, the test team has identified a few issues on the earlier radios caused by the merge that will need to be addressed. We are also collecting their feedback on the new radios and addressing any issues that need attention before general release. We reviewed the list in detail and have a plan to complete each of the integration issues. This is an iterative process that will include frequent software updates to the test team until we have a release that meets our quality standards. There are no major areas of concern at this time.

The factory is in full production on all four new models and building stock in preparation for general release as soon as we are satisfied that the test team’s issues are completed. I have been in the factory every day and can say that production is going very smoothly at this time.

I will plan to operate on the FLEX-6600M from home over the holidays so maybe I can talk with a few of you on 20m SSB. Sorry my CW is very rusty.

I know you are anxious to know when your radio will ship. The answer is that we will be ready to commence volume shipment as soon as we complete item 2 above and not sooner.