The Brandmeister system has come to dominate the DMR repeaters in Indiana, and I think with good reason. It’s a rapidly growing, well-supported network that provides many useful features.

Brandmeister, an operating software for master servers participating in a worldwide infrastructure network of amateur radio digital voice systems.

One of the more interesting features of this system is that it makes streaming audio available online. For instance, the North American talk group is 3100. You can point your browser to:

where you will see all of the stations that have been “heard” on that talk group in the last fifteen minutes. You’ll also hear any traffic that’s currently taking place there.

The magic is the number at the end of that Web address. Change it from 3100 to 310 and you will be listening to TAC310. There are hundreds of talk groups available.

These are divided by local, regional, national and international areas as well as by interest groups. Some groups support nets while another has been setup for AMSAT enthusiasts and so on. Click on the Talkgroups tags to scroll thru the incredibly long list of groups.

It’s an interesting way to sample the world of DMR without investment.