Having grown terminally bored by the NFL and NBA, we’ve gone all-in with ice hockey this season. We ordered the NHL Center Ice television package and have become Winnipeg Jets fans. I wish we had done this years ago!

Bernie McClenny, W3UR joins Neil Rapp, on Ham Talk Live tonight to discuss upcoming DX opportunities, tips to working DX, The Daily DX, The Weekly DX, Hows DX and then taking phone calls, Skype calls and Twitter questions live. Listen Thursday at 9 pm ET (that’s 0200Z on Friday December 29th).

I’m going to box up the IC-7300 this weekend. I sold it a few days ago in anticipation of receiving the new FlexRadio. But since that’s still weeks away from being shipped, I’ll make use of the TenTec Eagle for the opening days of the SKCC K3Y event that kicks off on January 2nd, 2018.

Just saw a note on Twitter that there’s a firmware update available for the Kenwood TH-D74A/E handheld transceiver.

We’re deep in the deep freeze now. We’ve been below zero everyday since just before Christmas and after a short break into the teens today and tomorrow, we’ll dip back to sub-zero temperatures for the next week. Ain’t winter grand?