NCDXF Cycle 25 Fund

You love ham radio…in fact you have loved DXing. It is what kept you engaged in the hobby for many years of your life. Maybe ham radio is what has stimulated your successful career? How can you leave a mark in ham radio after you are gone? Your legacy can be to pay forward for future DXers to enjoy the same DXpeditions that you have. NCDXF has and will spend your money wisely. What better place to secure your legacy than supporting NCDXF?

There are many ways to support NCDXF…one is to donate each year or to give a large gift when you feel compelled. However, we all know that someday we won’t be here and we have more than enough money and assets than our children or heirs will need. Why not direct a portion of your estate to something that will live forever with NCDXF?

Find out how you can participate in this endowment - or how you can help support NCDXF in their ongoing efforts to fund DXpeditions.

Well over $200,000 has been granted to DXpeditions and other projects in 2017.