Wow. We blew right through 2017 and have arrived at the beginning of yet another New Year. Though time seems to move faster the older I get, I do enjoy this day and the reset it provides. It’s the adult version of getting a “do-over” in life. A time to reset and make plans for all the wonderful things we intend to do in the days ahead.

This Year Will Be Different

Better health is almost always at the top of everyone’s list, isn’t it? Same for me. I’m old enough that this stuff is getting more important. I have a few issues that will require attention in 2018. Beyond that, it’s eat better, exercise more, lose weight. You know the routine. This year will be different.

Back to basics. Despite the strong appeal of shiny new things that make interesting noises, there always seems to be some internal tug to get down to basics. For me this manifests itself as a desire to use simple, low-powered gear and CW. I don’t plan to “chase” anything this year. The only operational goal I have my eye on is to make more contacts from the field than the shack. This year will be different.

Eyeball QSO’s. I plan to attend OzarkCon in April. It’s an annual QRP conference conducted by the 4SQRP group that I’ve wanted to attend forever but it takes place shortly before Hamvention and I never could get time off to attend both. This year will be different.

Reading and writing. I intend to do a lot more reading and writing. I enjoy both but have not set aside time for either lately. This year will be different.

Have more fun. When it comes to the hobby, I don’t have time to waste running down rabbit holes. Or said another way, if it isn’t enjoyable, I don’t want to do it. I’m getting too old to waste time on things that are silly or are at best, ephemeral. This year will be different.

That’s it for me. Manage my health, get back to basics when it comes to radio, attend a conference, read more, write more, and have more fun.

Here’s wishing you and yours all the best in 2018!