The SKCC’s annual K3Y celebration is underway. I worked K3Y/0, K3Y/3, and K3Y/6 within hours of the event kick-off. You’d be amazed at the pile-ups for a station in Illinois. Partly because the event began on a very cold holiday evening when ops had little else to do, but mostly because the Straight Key Century Club has become a very large group. 18,075 members and still growing strong. The event runs the entire month of January, still plenty of time for you to join the fun.

Looks like Gary, KN4AQ is nearing his final curtain call with HamRadioNow. Pearce announced his intention to retire from the program during a recent episode though he still plans to produce video for a few more events. The program will continue to be produced by Doug, W0DHG who has been co-hosting the program. Gary will appear as a co-host “now and then”.