And just like that, another weekend at home is done and I’m back on the road for a few days. I made a little more headway in the K3Y event despite tall odds. Band conditions were abysmal, or at least dreadful adjacent. I’m lacking K3Y/1 for a US sweep and that’s disappointing, but I’m confident that one will be in the log soon enough.

It might just be my imagination but it seems there are fewer K3Y stations this year. So in addition to poor band conditions, the event seems to be dragging along more slowly than usual and that makes it tough to hold my interest. I might just get the US sweep and declare this year “done” for me.

On another note, my son (N9AVG) lives in Champaign, Illinois about three hours due west of here and he put a new openSPOT online this weekend. That has enabled us to chat via DMR and we’ve taken advantage of that several times this weekend and I look forward to that while I’m traveling the highways and byways.