I got to spend a rare weekday evening at home yesterday and that allowed me to work K3Y/1 which was the last one needed for a US Sweep in the SKCC event. Band conditions have been so pitiful that I was beginning to wonder if I could manage even this but with it accomplished, I think I’m done with this challenge for another year.

Oddly enough, there is one exception to the poor propagation. I worked F6HKA a week ago on 20 when he was operating K3Y/EU. I’ve worked him more than a dozen times in the last few years. I can hear him daily, no matter how poor the bands. He needs only to touch the key for his transatlantic signal to pound into my shack.

Often I listen without calling. He’s a world-class radio telegrapher and a joy to copy.

Listen to this 90 second audio clip I recorded of him yesterday at 1630UTC on 20 meters. I’m using the TenTec Eagle with the DSP filter cranked pretty tight but the band is otherwise eerily silent…except for F6HKA.