Yesterday was another rare weekday spent at home. It felt like a foretaste of what’t to come when I retire. I turned the radio on early and spent a little time in the shack. Then I left the radio tuned to a popular 40 meter watering hole with the volume up enough that I could hear it in another room and got busy with other things.

Not a lot of traffic, but over the course of the day (I worked from home) I would hear the occasional ‘CQ’ and walk back to the shack and answer it. Under more normal circumstances I might have an hour at the end of the day to walk into the shack, sit down, and play radio for the proscribed period before closing station.

This was much more casual and enjoyable and it seems like what retired life will be like when everyday is a Saturday and every night a Friday night.

At some point in the early evening I heard a light signal calling ‘CQ’ but I wasn’t paying close attention. It was just background noise in my head until I realized the station calling was F5UQE. I had to double-check that I was parked on 40 and not 20. I gave him a quick call and we had a nice chat. Band conditions continue to mystify me. This time it was a nice treat, next time it will be bitter disappointment.

Our weather was a mixed bag yesterday. It started out at 36F with rain. Then the temperatures began to fall and it turned to ice. As the mercury kept dropping it started snowing. By the end of the afternoon it was a bit of a mess. When I went out to clean off the car and warm it up, my windshield wipers were solidly attached to the glass.

I discovered that when I tried to turn them on and the wiper motor linkage broke. So today’s main goal is getting the car to the repair shop to see if they can fix it today. It’s always something…