In addition to the month-long SKCC K3Y Celebration, this weekend also happened to be the Weekend Sprintathon (WES). Having had my fill of the straight key for awhile, I decided to work ten more in the sprint and call that enough.

That happened quickly with all but one of those contacts on 40 meters. The other was on 80. One of the stations worked was WA5RML down in Texas who mentioned during our QSO that he reads this journal.

Thanks Andy, much appreciated!

Since obtaining the clubs Tribune level nearly five years ago, I haven’t done any of the necessary accounting needed to move to the next level. I probably have enough contacts in the log, now comes the hard part, sorting it all out and sending it in. I’m going to start work on that this week.

I’m prompted to advance because of the large number of newer members now sporting the “S” or Senator level, leaving me behind with my “T”. It’s amazing how much CW activity this club has generated and so long as it remains fun, I’m in it for the duration.