Today the ARRL Board of Directors will commence its 2018 Annual Meeting. The first order of business will be the election of officers but somewhere in their agenda, time will be spent addressing the Directors being the subject of an “organized misinformation campaign orchestrated by a group of hams…”

I’ve read all the misinformation and the ARRL’s replies to it and best I can tell, there’s nothing nefarious going on here. I don’t see the “big problem” causing some to wring their hands and pretend to be worried sick that democracy itself is at risk.

I’m probably unaffected because the internal workings of the ARRL are of little interest to me, so long as it’s effective in its mission. The nuts and bolts of which Director gets to sit in the big boy chair and which is consigned to the kiddie table doesn’t cause me to lose sleep. We elect representatives and let them hash it out while we play radio. It’s a pretty good deal.

What is obvious is that there are many in the fraternity easily manipulated by social media. And it doesn’t help that at any given moment there are always 500 hams ready to jump on any bandwagon, for any reason, so long as it impugns the organization.

And then there are the bloggers and podcasters who have been busy ginning up the controversy and they are to blame for this fearmongering. The editor of the failing CQ Magazine has to shoulder some of that blame too. It’s difficult to understand their motives. The bloggers and podcasters probably believe themselves to be citizen journalists who think they’ve uncovered a ‘Watergate’ like episode.

I imagine this will all work itself out soon enough and the hobby will return to DEFCON 5.

What I can’t imagine is that any of those bloggers who roused this rabble will apologize. They will instead take credit for putting Newington back on track and move on to the next imaginary grievance in order to have something to write about.