The mailman dropped off two packages yesterday.

I had ordered a new power supply for the KX3. It’s the HPS-1a from Gamma Research, a 12VDC supply capable of powering most 100 watt transceivers despite its diminutive size. It provides full power capability by the use of Ultra-Capacitors which act like short term batteries that recharge between spoken syllables and Morse characters.

It’s practically noise-free and tiny making it a highly desirable accessory in my new ultra-lean shack.

The other package contained the dust cover I ordered from Rose’s Covers and Cases, a useful and great-looking accessory.

I did manage to spend a little time on the air and enjoyed one contact with a guy operating from a park along with a handful of SOTA contacts. Some where you might expect them, one of them in Michigan.

Who knew there were summits in Michigan?