Back to work and on the road today. Shakedown of the KX3 this weekend turned up a few ergonomic issues with the new transceiver.

First, since all the cables route from the sides of the panel instead of the back, I’m going to order all new right-angle connectors to streamline cabling to the radio. That includes the coaxial antenna connector, 12VDC, headphones, and the key jack. Which brings up another point. The KX3 requires a stereo plug for a straight key even if only the tip contact is used.

Not a big problem since I want a right-angle plug for the keys anyway but that did keep me off the straight key this weekend.

The angle and height of the wood stand I purchased to support the radio on the desk is fine but it tends to move around on the desktop when I press buttons. I’ll need to come up with some way to immobilize it using a rubber mat or something to keep it in place.

I don’t plan to review the KX3. After all, it’s been out for more than five years and people still rave about it. The receiver with the filters is amazing. The built-in auto-tuner is broad-ranged and tunes very quickly. The internal speaker isn’t very good, but this radio is designed to be used with headphones or ear-buds which is how I use it and have zero complaints.

For the QRP CW enthusiast, the Elecraft KX3 is as close to perfect as it gets.