Reservations were made at the OzarkCon QRP Conference hotel this morning. I’ve always wanted to attend this one but never had the chance until deciding not to spend a long weekend in Dayton this year. I want to do many NEW things this year and I’ve done Hamvention a lot over the years.

And I could run over there on Friday and return home that same evening. It makes for a long day but I live close enough (100 miles) that it can be done. Then again, I might just skip Dayton altogether this year. I didn’t plan to go last year until they announced the move to Xenia and I wanted to show my support for the new venue – and to be able to say I attended the first Hamvention in the new location.

We’ve never been to Branson and look forward to the drive thru Missouri to the conference and then having a look around while there.

This is going to be fun!