I took the day off work. An event almost as rare as a Bigfoot sighting but home projects are stacking up. We’re spending this weekend replacing the flooring in one of the bedrooms and doing the work ourselves. Today we picked up the flooring then ripped the carpet out and prepared the floor.

We even managed a trip to the dump to get rid of the refuse so the project is moving along nicely if you don’t count the furniture from that room being stacked up around the house.

This hasn’t left much time for radio fun but when I got home last night the cables and connectors I ordered for the KX3 were waiting for me.

I had ordered six foot long audio cables with 3.5mm right-angle male plugs on each end. I cut this in the middle giving me two 3-foot cables for my keys each with a molded right-angle plug affixed to the end.

This looks so much better on the KX3 than the straight plugs I had been using and I really like the threaded cable.

Also in the package was a couple of right-angle RF connectors so now the antenna cable is just as neat as the headphones and keys. I’m getting happier with this setup!