I worked N2CX on Saturday afternoon. Joe was teasing the aether from White Clay Creek State Park (K/KFF-1743) near Newark, Delaware.

He has been one busy POTA activator of late and his adventures are growing in status as he revels us with his tales from the trails via the QRP-L mailing list.

This was the first time I worked Joe. His published routine has been to hit 7034 first before moving on to 20 and then 30 meters depending on conditions. His latest missive on this outing indicated that he would be active from 1800-1900 UTC.

At 1809 he was in my log. Nice signal, worked him on the first call, easy-peasy. I’ve logged thousands of contacts using five watts or less but it remains a nice surprise when it works so well, so easily.

Since I was in the shack I checked for SOTA activations and quickly put these in the log too:

  • KI4TN (W4T/RV-002) [TN] 40M
  • WB5USB (W5N/MG-014) [AR] 20M
  • K7PX (W0C/SP-121) [CO] 20M

I never thought chasing stations who are out in the field would be enjoyable but there’s an element of adventure, even on the warm and sheltered end of the connection, that makes it possible to feel a part of the operation in a way that’s somehow satisfying.

I’ve chased enough SOTA this month that I should probably begin keeping score and really get in on the game.