It’s the end of the month and time to close out January 2018.

This month has seen my HF station in transition. I used the TenTec Eagle at 100 watts for the first eighteen days, and then replaced that with a new KX3 running five watts for the balance of the month.

January is also a bit of an outlier since it includes the annual K3Y Celebration so the total number of contacts is usually a little more than most other months. Work this month was exclusively CW and in addition to K3Y, I worked a handful of POTA, SOTA and Winter Field Day stations.

The 62 January QSO’s generated just 18 confirmations via LoTW, a paltry 29% rate. CW operators just don’t QSL at anywhere near same rate as digital operators, at least not via LoTW.

At the current rate, I’m on track to add about 750 contacts to the log this year though I think 500 is a much more realistic estimate of annual QRP CW contacts.

On to February!