I’ll be in the car and headed home in an hour. Another week on the road down and that much closer to the end of this project. When I woke up this morning it was 12F outside in Cincinnati and hasn’t warmed up much since.

The weekend weather forecast is a mixed bag. Cold, snow, rain, colder.

I suppose it’s weak sauce to complain about our normal February weather when we’ve got a boatload of ham operators waiting offshore for a break in their incredibly bad weather just so they can invade Bouvet Island.

Report circulating that the flu vaccine was only 10 percent effective against H3N2 (the main flu subtype going around in the US this season) among adults in Canada so it looks like the best advice is to avoid other humans. I’m happy to comply as much as possible – let’s talk via radio!

I hope to put a few in the log during the Vermont QSO Party this weekend but if the bands disappoint, I’ll look for a window in the weather to try the newest amateur satellite, AO-92. I haven’t even listened for this one yet and that’s a shame considering the effort to get these things built and launched.