A collective disappointment that the Bouvet Island operation had to be aborted has settled over the DX community. All have expressed relief that the crew is safe and headed for home, but that does little to ease the pangs of something hoped and dreamed about for several years. If you haven’t already worked it, chances that you ever will just diminished considerably.

While the current team has already discussed among themselves a future attempt, it seems unlikely to be anytime soon given the cost and complexity to mount such an expedition. Without question, hams will go back there one day, but that future visit, whenever it happens, could be a lifetime away.

Like everyone else, I’m happy in the knowledge that the crew is safe. It’s too bad things worked out this way and equally bad was all the sweat and equity that was expended for nothing. But I’m also pleased to know that there remain some things on this planet not yet totally conquered by mankind.

We haven’t yet tamed the seas or the weather. Landing on a glacier in the middle of nowhere ought to be difficult otherwise there is no challenge. Given the money and the technology the Earth must surely be considered the underdog in this struggle. And who doesn’t like to root for the underdog – sometimes even when playing against the home team.

Now we wait for the next trip to Bouvet for the next round in the battle between radio men and nature.