I wasn’t actively trying to sell it, but someone offered to buy my TenTec Eagle and I decided it was time for it to move to a new home where it might get some use. I could use those funds to purchase the matching amplifier and auto-tuner for the KX3 though I’m having enough success at low-power that I’m not inclined to do that. I’m sure something shiny will soon come along…

Bits and Pieces

Larry, W2LJ recently pointed readers of his blog to a new offering from the QRPGuys - a portable 40-30-20m tri-band vertical antenna for fifteen bucks.

I saw this link in the ARRL Contest Update to an interesting online collection of old Radio Shack books. Remember Forrest Mims? Yeah, some of that stuff in the archive too.

The Colorado QRP Club Winter QSO party is coming up this weekend. Two hours on Sunday evening on February 11th.