Rumors are once again circulating about a possible FT-818, the long-awaited replacement for the venerable Yaesu FT-817 portable transceiver. It seems someone has been circulating an image purporting to be labeling for the new and improved transceiver.

That seems a little odd given that we’re typically treated to these reports a little closer to April 1st each year.

Back in the day, the 817 was coveted because it included VHF and UHF along with HF in a single package making it flexible in the field. But it was always a crummy little rig that was hard on batteries with a lousy HF receiver. Turning that into something that could compete with the modern crop of portables would be a major overhaul and the resulting product wouldn’t resemble the 817. And given the magnitude of the required update, Yaesu would no doubt call it something other than an “818”.

I think it’s a safe bet to call malarkey on this rumor and move along. Once again, nothing to see here.