Friends on Twitter jumped all over my “malarkey” call on the mythical FT-817 replacement from Yaesu. They pointed out that the new device, though not yet announced, appears in the FCC certification database. After fifteen years of correctly calling “malarkey” on the same rumor I could be wrong. We will see…

RTTY on the KX3, Me-Wow!

The WPX RTTY contest was in full-swing by the time I got home last night and 40 meters had plenty of activity. With a little time to kill after dinner and before the hockey game, I put the new KX3 into decode data mode and watched the contest scroll across its screen.

I settled on one station in Texas, K5DU, who had a tremendous signal and watched as she reeled off 67 contacts in about 30 minutes. The option was right there for me to touch the paddles and enter the fray but with zero experience using the KX3 on RTTY I figured the middle of a big contest was no place to start.

Later, after the game, I did find a clear spot and called CQ using the paddle and sure enough, the KX3 converted my hand-keyed CW to RTTY slick as a whistle. It was a single call and (fortunately) no one called me back, but this looks like another something that will get my attention.