I’ve got over a thousand dollars invested in two Kenwood handheld transceivers and their accessories. One of them, the TH-D72, is capable of full-duplex operation and I bought it two years ago specifically for FM satellite work. I’ve used it about a dozen times.

Then a few months ago I was at a hamfest where a vendor was offering the newer TH-D74 transceiver for a hundred dollars less than it’s usual price so I purchased it. I’ve turned it on to make sure it works, but have never made even a single contact with it.

That’s set to change as we move into a new season and opportunities to use my handshack in the field become more abundant. In preparation for that, I need to spend more time with this equipment so I can be better prepared to use it.

I’ll be carrying the TH-D74 with its software and manual with me this week so that idle time in the hotel can be spent getting know its capabilities.