Looks like the mercury will be rising this week. The 10-day forecast looks like a lot of high temps in the 40’s and 50’s which should provide a nice break on the heating bill. It might even afford an opportunity to take a closer look at how the antenna survived the cold weather.

I skipped the SKCC WES last weekend. No point in kicking against the rocks, or fighting for a spot with the RTTY folks. I did manage a nice 30 meter chat with John, KA2VBI who was in New York. Other than that, HF was a total bust so I moved along to greener pastures.

On Sunday evening I happened across a few of the AMSAT heavyweights in a roundtable on D-STAR Reflector 9C.

AMSAT-VP of Engineering Jerry, N0JY, Executive VP Paul, N8HM, Director of Field Operations Patrick, WD9EWK and a few others. The chatter was mostly about the 1.2GHz uplink on AO-92 since the bird had been switched into L/V mode earlier that day.

As you might imagine, the discussion was a cut above the typical ham radio pablum and made me glad to have access to D-STAR.