I’ll wait until tomorrow to wrap-up my results in the DX contest. There will be very little to report as I’m not making much of an effort. Five watts, wire antenna, manually sent CW. Old-school stuff and when the weekend is over, I won’t have two whole hours in it.

But it’s worth noting that here we are, circling the drain, about to sink into the solar minimum yet there was still a lot of DX worked today. Oh sure, it wasn’t like the good old days, but I’m beginning to believe that instant propagation reporting may be doing the hobby more harm than good.

People see those silly reporting banners that have been slapped onto the side of every ham radio blog, and they see a lousy report and don’t even bother to get on the air. Yet almost every time we have a big contest, HF propagation magically improves. Go figure.

Hope you’re having fun and finding a few keepers for the log this weekend. If nothing else, it’s good to hear the bands alive with the sound of Morse!