February came and went quickly and the pace of radio activities will quicken as we approach a new season. Care will have to be taken with the antennas as we transition into thunderstorm season with all the possibilities for violent weather that this time of year brings to the region. On the plus side, warmer weather means more opportunity to take radio to the field, even if that’s just out in the backyard.

February was a slow month for me on HF. Just 33 new CW contacts were added to the log, about half the number I worked in January. But my total for the year still has me on track for somewhere over 500 CW contacts which is slightly above target for my goal.

One surprise was an ATNO that resulted from the DX contest this month. French Guiana. I had no idea that I had never confirmed this entity and was pleasantly surprised when it created a “hit” in LoTW.

The drop-off in HF activity was not unexpected as the Bouvet disappointment turned my attention back to satellite and digital voice activities.

I sold the TenTec Eagle in February and the HF station is now fully-anchored by the Elecraft KX3 at QRP levels using the same winter-worn dipole at 30 feet. I’m looking forward to a BIG upgrade to the antenna farm here over the next few months.

On to March!