The power went off here at 1:00am the result of a car crash in the area. It was off for nearly eight hours and by the time power was restored and we got the day rolling, half of it was gone.

As usual, the DX Contest (phone) created favorable propagation where none had existed before. Pile-ups on 15 and even 10 meters were copied here but I had no interest and avoided the scrum.

Sometime before lunch I visited the SOTAwatch page and saw a few operators that I was able to copy. I first worked N4SFR on W4A/VR-002 on 40 meters and worked him.

A few minutes later I saw W2EMA was operating phone on 40 from W0D/NW-051. Since I have never even tried phone with the new KX3, it took a minute to locate the microphone and give him a call. I was surprised that he heard me given that I was using purely stock settings and five watts. With him in the log, I managed one more — W5ODS operating from W5O/OU-021.

My totals as a chaser aren’t impressive but I’m still a newbie at SOTA and as much as I enjoy working these stations, I enjoy even more reading about their operations and seeing the photos the next day on Facebook.