KF7IJZ tweeted this morning that he was taking a long drive to a weekend tech conference and would be monitoring the Bay-Net talk group during his journey. Jeremy is the host of the popular Ham Radio Workbench podcast and produces interesting videos. We chatted a few times during his trip and as he was a captive audience, it was nice to catch up with him.

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The lead story in the latest edition of THE GRAY LINE REPORT is ‘Implementing a High Performance, Low Cost SDR Into Your Station’ by Kirk Pengelly, NØKK.

LoTW has been struggling the last 24 hours. Maintenance is scheduled for Monday but that might have to happen before then.

Everyone else is doing it so I did it too.

From a box of radio parts, Digi-Key grew into a $2.3 billion anchor of northwest Minnesota

“Now 74, Ron Stordahl, a ham radio operator (AE5E), created a digital key that improved the transmission of Morse code. After successfully selling his “Digi-Keyer Kit” to other ham operators, he branched off into the electronic components business in 1972. His brainstorm was selling parts in any quantity, no matter how small. Other suppliers sold only in bulk. But if you needed a single transistor or capacitor, Stordahl would ship it”.

How Low Can We Go?

Since I was home last night, I popped on 40 meters hoping for a single contact with another SKCC operator in Iowa as I recently discovered I only need that for SKCC WAS. That wasn’t to be last night though I did make several contacts. All of them except one on 80 meters.

More proof, as if any more were needed, that this solar cycle is driving us to lower and lower frequencies.