The need for a good 80 meter antenna in order to survive the dregs of Cycle 24 becomes more obvious with each passing week. I’ve flipped a lot of pages and kicked around a stack of ideas and still haven’t settled on exactly what I’m going to deploy.

One thing is certain, my main support has got to be higher no matter what I decide to hang from it. As soon as the weather permits I plan to purchase and install a 40-foot push up mast. It will have to be guyed and I intend to install a base for it that will permit me to easily take it down and push it back up.

I want to get this up as soon as possible because I figure that will give me time to try more than one antenna design before settling in on what will be my HF antenna when Fall/Winter comes round again.

I want to try a delta loop first. The addition of two more masts (30-foot) would permit me to get sufficient wire in the air and feeding it with ladder-line would permit my tuner to make use of it on all bands and should be a much better configuration on 3.5Mhz than my current “short” dipole.

Pounding Brass

It was a light weekend on the straight key. I managed to put another dozen or so QSO’s in the log. With SKCCLogger now running on OS X I’ve managed to catch up on some bookkeeping.

Found that I was only one short of SKCC Worked All States and that was Iowa. So when I worked KD0DK in Waterloo this weekend, I applied for and received that wallpaper.

I also sent the logs that took me to Tx5 in the hunt for the Senator award. I had more than needed for that level and was close enough to Tx6 that with a little luck, I should hit that level next weekend.