LoTW Support for CQ Worked All Zones (WAZ) Award

ARRL and CQ magazine have announced the launch, effective immediately, of Logbook of The World (LoTW) support for CQ’s Worked All Zones (WAZ) Award program. The goal of the project, under way since last year, has been to create the proper technical support system to enable radio amateurs to submit LoTW confirmations for WAZ credit, and that has been accomplished, CQ and ARRL said in a joint statement. LoTW already supports CQ’s WPX Award program.

Nice. Convenient. Handy. Kudos. But is there more to it?

Everyone knows CQ Magazine has been having a tough time keeping the presses running lately. The glass half-empty part of me wonders if this isn’t a strategic move by the current publisher to transition these popular awards to the ARRL for long-term curation just in case…