Having spent this entire week recapping the OzarkCon QRP Conference, I wanted to wrap things up with one more kit that was introduced last week, the Cricket 30 (it’s not yet available for purchase online but coming soon).

The Cricket 80 first appeared at last year’s conference. The single-band 80-meter CW transceiver is powered by a 9-volt battery and works on a single frequency. The kit ships with a 3579 KHz color burst crystal though others (not FT-243) may be used. The transmitter produces about one watt of output and a snap-off section of the circuit board is used as an attached and onboard straight key.

There are only 36 total electrical components in this kit and no toroids to wind as all inductors are etched on board spiral coils. At just thirty bucks it’s a perfect one-night kit project for beginners or as a club build project. Group discounts were available for just such application. It’s been a successful kit and comes as no surprise that a 30-meter version of it appeared this year.

I haven’t had time to unbox my 30-meter Cricket yet but I’m anxious to get it on the air. In addition to being downright cool, there’s a “Cricket Society”. You make 10 QSO’s with your Cricket and you can get a special certificate along with a coveted “Cricketeer” number.

Yet another way to build something with your own hands and have fun with ham radio.

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