The KXPD3 Attached Precision Keyer Paddle arrived last week and I was finally able to give it a good shakedown. I’m a big fan of my own keys but look at new and unproven keys and paddles like a dog looks at a new dish.

But with warmer days comes the desire to take my KX3 to the park and I want it to be as easy as picking it up and walking out the door.

The internal batteries will provide the power and the attached paddles mean I don’t have to carry another key. Just the transceiver and portable antenna and I should be good to go.

The paddles are designed well and include extra springs with varying degrees of stiffness and a hex tool for adjustments. Of course it mates perfectly with the transceiver and after making a half dozen contacts with it, I’m pretty sure this will work well for portable work and is a useful addition to my KX3 adventure.

The PX3 is likely to be the next accessory to join the party.