I was parked on 7.052 this morning copying the mail on a couple of QSO’s while working in the other room. After awhile it got quiet and I nearly forgot that the KX3 was still turned on. I was only reminded of that when a loud signal started calling CQ. It was Jim, N0UR on a POTA operation from KFF-2306. Even though the straight key was connected I called him using the new KXPD3 attached paddle and had him logged in a jiffy.

And that reminded me that we still needed to purchase our annual park pass for the State of Indiana. There are several nice State Parks within minutes of my QTH and I hope to operate from these many times this summer. So for lunch we packed a basket and visited nearby Mounds State Park where we purchased the annual pass and enjoyed a picnic in the comfy 65F weather.

Now I’m nearly set to get on the air from a nearby park – after an equipment checkout in the backyard.