I worked tweny-four stations in the Florida QSO Party this weekend. All on 40 and 20 using five watts. Always lots of participation in this one and while the bands were predictably lousy, the activity kept it hopping and, as usual, it was an enjoyable operating event.

Over the weekend I heard news that the Icom IC-9700 that I pre-ordered is now not expected until 2019. This is not welcome news as I had hoped to be active on VHF/UHF for the Fall season. I’ll probably wait until after Hamvention to make sure this news was correct and if it is, I’ll cancel my order and look for an alternate solution.

REALLY NICE: I listened to a casual QSO on 40 meters Sunday morning between two guys at about fifteen words per minute. It’s refreshing to hear a real CW conversation at a comfortable rate. The 40 wpm machine gun staccato from the contests has become an annoying buzz in my cans. One of the guys in this conversation was K1OV. That call seemed familar so I checked my log and sure enough, I worked him in 2002 and my note in the log for that long ago contact: “REALLY NICE, LONG QSO”.