Many of the Hamvention related activities get underway today. It’s become custom to make use of the day before the gates open at the fairgrounds for all manner of related activities given the high concentration of hams who have traveled to the area for the big show. Contest University, Four Days in May, Thursday night dinners and bull sessions and plenty more.

It’s a busy day before an even busier day!

I decided to skip the full-on weekend this year. I’ve done enough of it and living jus 100 miles from Dayton provides me the opportunity to commute back and forth on Friday and Saturday which is what I typically do every other year.

So here I sit, away from the action, watching the hams flocking to Dayton via APRS like the swallows to Capistrano. I’m also keeping an eye on the weather report for the weekend which now shows a 90 percent chance of rain all day tomorrow. My rain gear is ready to roll.

I’ll be there tomorrow morning. And as usual, photos and on-site commentary via my Twitter feed. You don’t need a Twitter account to follow along or to view my photos.