Winnie and the Jets

Our Winnipeg Jets played their last game of the 2017-2018 season a few days ago when they lost in the Western Conference Finals. Despite the setback, it was a magical season for the team - and for my wife and I - and we can’t wait for next season!

Completely fed up with the NFL, NBA, and MLB, we had been shunning professional sports for the last few years.

Then when this new NHL season got underway, I suggested we pick a team at random to root for and spend a season getting to know professional hockey. We’ve seen games on television but never really understood the rules or cheered for any one team.

In order to make it interesting I suggested that we pick a team from Canada and one about which we knew nothing. We picked the Winnipeg Jets, ordered a couple of team jerseys, and hung on for a wild ride into the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Having purchased the Center Ice package from our cable provider, we didn’t miss a single game and looked forward to the action night after night. By the time January rolled around we wanted to go see a game live and bought tickets to see the Jets play the Predators in Nashville. We lost that game but became completely gobsmacked by “our” team.

So much so that NEXT season we hope to see them play three or four games in the United States and we’re also planning a week long trip to Winnipeg so we can cheer with our adopted hometown fans at Bell MTS Place for two games on home ice!

Now we’re a couple of Hoosiers proclaming “We Are Winnipeg!”