I use a SharkRF openSPOT for both D-STAR and DMR. In recent weeks I’ve been plagued with a packet loss problem when using DMR that has rendered the mode impossible for me to use. It’s a weird problem given there’s no problem when using it for D-STAR.

I’ve confirmed that the transceiver is working properly and am now thinking there may be some problem with a recent firmware update though I don’t see others complaining about this issue. I might just have to get a new hotspot. In the interim, I’ll be inactive on DMR.

Radiogram Received

Handling traffic certainly qualifies as an old school form of communication but there’s something magical and charming about receiving a radiogram. One arrived here this week from the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) thanking me for my membership in that organization.

We need to find more ways to generate traffic so as not to lose this long-standing ham radio tradition in the sands of time.

New England QSO Party

Got an email today requesting my log submission for the NEQP that took place a few weekends ago:

“Just wanted to ask you to send in your log from the recent New England QSO Party. We hoping to receive your log to help with the log checking. Your callsign is in many of those already received”.

The email indicated that while they preferred Cabrillo format, they would accept it in any format. So I sent along my log for the event in ADI format and we’ll see if it’s accepted. The Cabrillo logging requirement remains a burr under my saddle that’s reducing my enjoyment and interest in State QSO Party’s.