Over a half-billion QSO’s have been uploaded to ClubLog and I’d argue that the data contained in all those hundreds of millions of contacts represent a fair sampling of the HF activity in our hobby. Here’s a look at the contacts uploaded by mode on a monthly basis so far in 2018 - courtesy of Andreas, LA8AJA:

FT8 is so far out in front that other digital modes are a foregone conclusion. CW only remains relevant because of its popularity in contests. Even phone, the Holy Grail of wannabe HF operators everywhere, is a nearly forgotten mode compared to FT8.

We’ve never seen this kind of new mode adoption in the history of the hobby. We’re witnesses to a paradigm shift in amateur radio communication that happened so quickly and so completely that it’s wake has forever changed the hobby.

You may consider it a passing fad, but something HUGE is happening and the only thing that’s going to unseat FT8 is whatever newer digital mode happens to be lurking around the corner.