When I pointed out recently that FT8 had become the most popular mode of ham radio communications you would have thought I had personally stuck a dagger in the hearts of all operators not smitten with the telemetry-based mode. Let’s be clear, I merely reported on the fact that FT8 is, to quote John Lennon, “more popular than Jesus.”

That I pointed it out doesn’t mean I’m having my “CW Forever” tattoo removed to make room for an “FT8 Rocks” ink spot. It’s simply a fact. And while we now live in a world where alternative facts are often preferred, I’d rather not argue with the data. That’s a job for politicians and related slimeballs.

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The Weekend

The Kentucky QSO Party (KYQP) takes place this weekend from 14:00 UTC on June 2nd and runs until 02:00 UTC on June 3rd. That’s twelve hours if you’re counting. It’s a slightly modified schedule from previous years. Amateur radio operators around the world are invited to participate. Learn more by going to the Getting Started page.

I’ll be standing in the backyard this weekend, aiming a handheld Arrow antenna at the heavens looking for amateur satellites. It’s been nearly a year since I last logged a sat contact and I’m long overdue. I’ll be looking for WD9EWK who will have an AMSAT booth at the Prescott Hamfest on Friday and Saturday (1-2 June 2018). Patrick will be operating during the hamfest and then plans to venture out into the surrounding countryside for additional work and I plan to get him in the log sometime this weekend.

If your weekend weather forces indoor activities, you could catch up on some of the Hamvention 2018 forums that are beginning to appear on YouTube. So far there’s the TAPR Forum, the SDR Forum, and the HamSCI Forum. Enjoy!