If this is “light rain” then we need a new definition for it. There were a few drops on my windshield but looking out the window of this coffee shop, I see no evidence of any rain making it to the ground. I mowed the lawn yesterday and commented to someone that it was my “last grass cutting of the season” - unless we get some rain.

This is the fifth or sixth day where I’ve played on the radio in the pre-dawn twilight then gone for a long walk before ending up in a coffee shop to put down a few words for the blog. It’s a routine I could easily fall into…

Feeling a little guilty for ignoring my SKCC friends these last few weeks, I stopped by the sked page last night and saw my buddy Jim, W4QO. He’s a past president of QRP-ARCI and was one of the best. In addition to being a fellow Hoosier, I’ve always enjoyed his company during the annual FDIM shindig.

Yes, that’s a real word. Look it up.

We chatted briefly on 40 CW and then I worked another Jim, this one was ND9M/7 operating in Wyoming. I was using the KX3 running five watts into a dipole and signals were better than tolerable, a nice surprise.

Membership in the Straight Key Century Club has grown to nearly 19,000. With no dues you may not think that too surprising but look at it this way, it’s a very specialized club that boasts more than 10% of the total ARRL membership. You can blame that on “free” but I think it’s more about “fun”.

And speaking of SKCC fun, this weekend is the monthly Weekend Sprintathon (WES) and the annual Boat Anchor Regatta. If your rig has tubes, you’re worth bonus points. Tubes, as in the sum of the tubes in your transceiver or transmitter-receiver pair, and power supply. And if your transmitter’s frequency is set by a crystal instead of a VFO, you could be a hero without running into a burning building…

Find out more here and if you’re not already a member, join us today and get in on this event and many more. It’s easy, it’s free, it’s fun.