RFShark has announced that its popular openSPOT, a standalone digital radio IP gateway / hotspot has been discontinued. This was not unexpected and though the replacement isn’t yet available, most are betting on the new device being WiFi capable.

That will be handy for those who carry the device mobile and portable. The original unit required a wired Ethernet connection which worked well enough by plugging it into a home router, but the ability to connect to WiFi networks would make it much more versatile.

Yet to be seen is how the user would connect it to networks requiring manual input, like a hotel WiFi requiring entry of a user name and password, for a connection. Perhaps a phone app or some similar method will be made available for that purpose. Maybe even a small touch screen on the device itself.

We’ll have to wait and see, but given that the original openSPOT is no longer available, I suspect the replacement device will appear very soon.