The Elecraft Equation

When I took the dive into the world of the Elecraft I knew up front that it would be spendy. The KX3 loaded with all options and factory assembled and tested was nearly $1,700. The PX3 and an assortment of cables and connectors was another $700.

That leaves me $2,400 invested in a low-power station.

The matching 100 watt amplifier and auto-tuner is another $1,250 and at that point, I’d have more in the KX3 than if I had bought the new ICOM IC-7610.

Kinda shocking, huh?

Of course, the KX3 with all the accessories and amplifier is like a Swiss Army knife with multiple uses. It’s an excellent performer in the shack and I can pick it up and carry it into the field with nothing else except the antenna. It’s a portable dream machine and with or without the amplifier, it’s still a world-class transceiver.

While I’ve been successful with low-power, Autumn is coming and I’m going to want at least a hundred watts to push up the pipe. I’ve almost pulled the trigger on the KXPA100 a few times but have hesitated to become so deeply invested in this platform.

If having a hundred watts is the only goal I could just buy another IC-7300 and save $300 versus the cost of the Elecraft amp and tuner and have two transceivers instead of one.

This Elecraft equation has me frozen with analysis paralysis and I’m beginning to think there may not be a “smartest” solution.