It’s funny how certain smells can trigger memories. I used to have a Great Aunt and Uncle who lived a few miles out in the country. We used to visit them every three or four weeks and in the summer the road to their house would get a new application of black-top. I caught a whiff of that while out walking yesterday and instantly thought of them again.

I also caught whiff of a rumor about K1SWL working on a 40 meter version of the HillTopper. His HillTopper 20 is kitted by the 4SQRP group and has been crazy popular. I can only imagine a 40 meter version would also be highly prized. Dilly Dilly!

The Milford (Ohio) hamfest is on Saturday and Monroe (Michigan) is on Sunday. I was thinking about going to one or the other until I realized this is Father’s Day weekend and plans have already been made. Plus, I have a wedding to attend on Saturday evening that I nearly forgot about.

I’ve been spending early mornings on the air, usually on 40 meters and often as not, there isn’t much CW activity. After a few minutes of fruitless tuning I switch to FT8 where it’s common to put 20 an hour in the log.

Last night I popped back into the shack intending to check-in on the weekly forty meter 4SQRP net but while I could hear them, they couldn’t hear me. So I switched to the straight key and worked one lone SKCC station. I’m just not finding much CW activity on the bands these days.

I hope that’s a temporary situation and not an epitaph.