Based on the weather forecast, yesterday was the last nice day for awhile. Another heat wave is moving into the area that’s supposed to run the temps up into the mid-90s with high humidity, a depressing combination.

Field Day is just around the corner and the only plans I have are to operate using battery power from the backyard. But I don’t plan to sit out there in 90 degree weather and roast so it could become a climate-controlled event for me.

Same goal this year as in previous years, a hundred CW contacts and one satellite contact. That’s enough to test/demonstrate that I can get on the air and communicate in the event of a widespread emergency. More than that, and is just contest points.

A week after Field Day is the 4th of July, the traditional mid-point of summer. Six weeks later it’s Labor Day and autumn will begin its advance. I want to have all the antenna and station grounding work done by then. Time is marching quickly ahead.

On the Straight Key

Last night I stopped by the SKCC watering hole frequencies on 40 meters and got caught up in a micro-burst of activity. I worked one station then another called right after that. Then another and several more. Ended up working seven consecutive in short order and decided to call it quits while I was ahead.

All told, I think I’ve had about 20 SKCC QSO’s so far this month. Having missed the WES last weekend I expected a pitiful showing for the monthly brag but there’s still time to manage a decent report for June if I can have a few more nights like the last one.

Plus, I’m only two unique contacts shy of Tx6 on the long road to SKCC Senator. It’s not an exclusive group anymore, there are nearly 300 members who already sport the “S” suffix. But if I can nail it down this summer, I’ll consider it a happy achievement.

Have a great weekend!