Paul, N6PSE recently reviewed the new Geochron 4K Digital UHD Map. It’s an interesting electronic derivation of the mechanical version of the same. The device takes the form of a small box that requires power and WiFi connectivity and provides an HDMI output that permits connection of a 4K television/monitor

Couple of interesting notes in addition to the primary grey line display:

  • presents continuous location of the International Space Station
  • demonstration mode permits a year to be depicted in 15 seconds
  • lifetime updates for five mapsets are promised
  • overlays for Earth at night, shipping routes, flight routes

The mechanical version will set you back about $1,895 US while the new electronic version is being offered for $399 US.

It’s interesting but I think it’s too expensive. I want a lot more.

Given that it’s doubtless built on a small single board computer, perhaps even a Raspberry Pi, I want something similar that will drive a large 4K flat screen on the wall of the shack that runs like a stadium jumbotron. I want to see current band conditions, DX spots, upcoming net schedules, W1AW bulletins, satellite pass times, space weather alerts, scrolling QSL card images, etc.

I want that kind of ham radio information center on the wall in my shack and see no reason why this couldn’t be the next hot ham radio thing jumping off the shelves at $299 a pop.

Standing by with my credit card, ready to order…