Resolution of the Elecraft Equation turned out to be as simple as ordering another IC-7300. Purchasing a very good 100 watt HF transceiver was much less expensive than acquiring the add-on amplifier with its internal tuner for the KX3.

Being a casual operator means certain performance stats go unnoticed by me and these come at a steep premium. But this decision wasn’t binary, other factors besides cost factored into it.

Beyond just being expensive, the KX3 doesn’t make for a great desktop radio, it’s designed specifically for field work. Once I added the PX3 and set it up to work with the computer for logging and for digital modes, my desk became a rats nest of cables that terminate on the sides of the hardware.

I can only imagine the labyrinth of cable congestion from adding the KXPA100.

The new 7300 has already been dispatched from DX Engineering and should arrive today. Fortunately, I still have the AH4 auto-tuner and PS126 matching power supply sitting on the floor. It will be a quick replacement and then I’ll probably list the KX3 and accessories for sale in all the usual places.

Drop me a note if you’re looking for a loaded KX3.