The UPS man delivered the new IC-7300 at 6:35pm last evening and the first QSO with it was logged thirty-five minutes later. Having used a 7300 for six months last year made it quick and easy to fall back into the routine.

First contact was via phone on 40 meters with Tom, W5KUB who was running the roundtable net prior to his Tuesday evening broadcast.

After that, it took a few minutes to re-configure the software for logging and WSJT with the new radio. 20 contacts via FT8 then a handful of CW contacts and I considered the new transceiver to be fully broken-in.

This morning comes news that KH1 is up and running so the next few days will doubtless be wasted for me by chasing that operation. I have zero expectation of success, but you can’t work them if you don’t try and there’s always the chance that a propagational fluke might drop a surprise.