I’m sipping morning coffee while listening to the dogpile on 40 meter phone calling the KH1/KH7 operation. No interest in wading into that mess this morning. In a few days I’ll look for them on CW and FT8. #

Yesterday was another busy day. I shipped the first batch of t-shirts then spent considerable time catching up on some long ignored email. I even assembled and mailed the paperwork required to get the $100 rebate on the IC-7300. When did I ever used have time for work? #

It was a good radio day too. I logged a handful of Europeans, South American stations, Australia, and Anguilla. Yeah, Anguilla. I guess I should keep better track of my DXCC totals because when I worked VP2ETE my logging program congratulated me on a new DX entity via a digital mode. #

Shortly after lunch I got in on a nice little 6 meter opening to the East coast. Added two new States and nine new grids. All less than a thousand miles via a single hop but I guess you never know what’s rattling around the troposphere this time of year. #

The next batch of dog days begin today as a massive heat wave moves into the region. The long-term forecasts show high temps in the mid 90’s for most of the next ten days. I despise hot weather. If it were possible I’d live in Copper Harbor, Michigan where 70F is considered quite the warm day.

Just 86 more days until Autumn. #