Waking up in Kalamazoo, Michigan this morning.

Busy weekend on the radio, whenever I could snatch a few free moments.

I managed to make 20 contacts in the SKCC WES, including one with VK7CW on 40 CW on Sunday morning.

Nine of the 13 Colonies was the best I could manage though I wasn’t actually chasing them, just working them as I tuned across them on the bands last week.

Then there were fifty-five FT8 contacts with a smattering of DX including; European Russia, Austria, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil. Also in the mix were on-air contacts with several good friends; Bernie, W3UR, Goody, K3NG, and Joe, K0NEB.

The bands cooperated nicely as did the weather and it was another very enjoyable weekend. Good thing. I’m now observing radio silence until I return home on Friday.